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Ballistic helmets are one of the most important tools for personal ballistic protection. Manufacturers design tactical helmets to provide head protection against bullets. Plus, shrapnel and other potential blunt force trauma that an operator may encounter. [+] Read more

Civilians, military, and law enforcement looking for ballistic helmet protection should identify their needs. Then, assess advantages and trade-offs before making an informed decision. Typically, the more lightweight a helmet is, the more expensive it will be.

RMA Armament does not yet manufacture our own ballistic helmet. However, we do supply protection from the leader in American Made helmets – Team Wendy. It’s also important to know whether you’re purchasing something American-made for duty use. Or, whether it’s an overseas knockoff. Settle for nothing less than the best ballistic helmet.

Frequently Asked Helmet Questions

What Are Ballistic Helmets Made Of?

Much like lightweight Level III and IIIA body armor, Team Wendy manufactures ballistic helmets using high performing advanced aramids and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE).

Avon Protection builds BA3A ballistic helmets shells from a hybrid construction of Advanced Aramid. Plus, Glass reinforced Thermoplastic Composites specifically designed for maximizing ballistic performance and head protection.

Avon manufactures the F70 and F90 helmets with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) materials. These produce higher ballistic performance at lighter weights. Thus, tactical ballistic helmets are both stronger and lighter. Plus, this streamlined high cut helmet design allows communications, lights, night vision, and other accessories to be added.

Can a Ballistic Helmet Stop a Bullet?

Yes. All tactical ballistic helmets that RMA supplies which are rated as Level IIIa or higher are tested to defeat 9mm FMJ and 44 mag at 1400-1450 ft/sec. The Avon F70 ballistic helmet is also fragmentation tested in accordance to NATO STANAG, 17 grain, .22 caliber FSP as well at 2200 ft/sec, while the Avon F90 ballistic helmet is fragmentation tested to defeat the same .22 caliber round at 2625 ft/sec.

RMA offers non-ballistic Team Wendy helmets as well. You know them as bump helmets. Bump helmets do not defeat bullets. However, they do protect against other impacts you may encounter. Impacts such as blunt force impact or also falling debris, similar to a bicycle helmet or climbing helmet.

Ballistic Helmet Expiration

Do Ballistic Helmets Expire?

Ballistic helmets have a warranty period just like other armor. Avon Protection offers a ballistic warranty period of 5 years on the BA3A helmet and a 10 year warranty period on both the F70 and F90 high cut ballistic helmets. Aramid and Polyethylene don’t have a definite expiration in stable shelf storage. However, many environmental factors can affect their performance over time.

Exposing any armor product to environmental conditions such as rain, ultraviolet light, impacts, heat, cold, and more can affect its ballistic capabilities. Replace duty use armor after the expiration of its warranty period.

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