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A tactical backpack is one of the most basic pieces of tactical gear because it allows you to easily carry your gear and other EDC (Everyday Carry) essentials. Tactical backpacks differ from other backpacks (such as hiking backpacks) in materials and colors. They are made of more durable materials - like Cordura - to provide rugged protection for your gear. (Read more below)

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Showing all 3 results

Tactical Backpacks also have more compartments and pockets which allow you to personalize the way you organize your gear. Tactical Backpacks are heavier than regular backpacks because they carry your gear and are sometimes fitted with body armor protection.

Many of these backpacks are outfitted with MOLLE, allowing users to attach a wide variety of pouches and accessories. RMA Armament is currently working to expand its backpack selection to ultimately have a variety of packs designed for military or civilian use.

Tactical Backpack Sizing

Tactical packs come in a variety of sizes, typically listed as volume. And the more tactical gear you have, the more volume you may need in your backpack. For everyday carry use, you typically want to look at the 15-30 liter size.
If your mission or expedition is longer, a 30-60 liter backpack size will likely be more preferable since you’ll need to keep more gear with you for the time period you’re away.

When it comes to tactical backpack sizing, many terms will be used to describe them. For example, if you see the term “day pack,” or “24 hour tactical backpack” to describe a tactical pack that’s between the 15-30 liter size.

With larger sized military backpacks, you’ll see terms like “3 Day Pack,” or “72 hour tactical backpack,” to describe a pack used for longer missions with a capacity anywhere from 30 to 60 liters.

Aside from a variety of inner pockets, many tactical backpacks boast a MOLLE system on the exterior which allows you to attach your EDC items to your backpack, making it easy to carry multi-tools, knives, magazine pouches and other essential items.

What else should you look for in a tactical backpack or military back pack? That depends on your needs, but many bags contain features like laptop compartments, hydration bladder and water storage compartments, and concealed carry.

Whether on an all-day trek or an overnight mission, the right tactical backpack, military backpack, bag or duffel is essential to your safety and success. A variety of people can greatly benefit from tactical backpacks, from law enforcement, military and outdoor enthusiasts.

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