Nuclear November Deals
Level III+ RF2 Armor Available
Body Armor Kits 2
RMA Law Enforcement Quote
Nuclear November Deals
Level III+ RF2 Armor Available
Body Armor Kits 2
RMA Law Enforcement Quote

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RMA Armament – 100% American Made Body Armor

RMA Armament is a manufacturer of American-Made ballistic body armor and tactical gear supplier. We utilize ultra-light and ultra-strong body armor technologies previously only available to government agencies and make them available for all law enforcement, military personnel and law-abiding citizens. If you’re looking for ballistic body armor, plate carriers, ballistic helmets and other tactical gear at affordable pricing, then you’re in the right place.

Founded by a US Marine and former law enforcement officer, RMA’s manufacturing and quality control are second to none. RMA Armament is the only major hard armor manufacturer to never fail an NIJ Follow-up Inspection Test. We’re proud to build the world’s finest armor products for protecting your home, your community and your country. Don’t bet your life on anything less than the best!

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Plate Carriers

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