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Level III+ body armor will soon be known as RF2. Under the upcoming 0101.07 standard from the National Institute of Justice, RF2 Armor plates are required to defeat three (3) M80 NATO rounds. Also, three (3) 7.62x39 MSC rounds. Plus, three (3) M193 impacts. Finally, three (3) M855 green tip rounds on separate body armor plates. (Read more below)

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Showing all 4 results

Level 3+ body armor used to be known as any armor that is capable of defeating a single M855 round. However, some manufacturers consider anything that stops a high-velocity 5.56 cartridge Level III+. But that isn’t accurate.

RMA manufactures a carefully-engineered balance of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). Then, we combine it with our proprietary Alumina Oxide ceramic core. RMA’s new Level III+ body armor plates defeat the same threats as our Generation 1 plate. This includes the M80 Steel, M855, and M193. Plus, Generation 2 stops the new high-speed M855A1 penetrator round. The new steel and copper M855A1 penetrator round stops cold at 25 yards. Even heavier steel armor can’t do that.

RMA’s Generation 2 Level 3+ plates also break new ground in protection and lightweight wearability.

What Is Level III+ Body Armor?

Defining Level 3 plus body armor is difficult because the NIJ doesn’t have a specific definition. The loose definition is that it defeats some faster, larger, more deeply penetrating, and/or a higher quantity of rounds than a Level III body armor plate. Some manufacturers are labeling their Level III plates as III+ even though they’re not.

Some companies claim that because their plate defeats M193, it’s also “Level 3 plus” armor. But the most popular delineation when it comes to Level III+ armor is defeating M855 green tip. RMA Armament goes above and beyond. Our Level 3 plus ceramic plate is thin, lightweight, and also defeats the M855A1 round.

No matter what body armor you choose, RMA Armament keeps you safe. RMA manufactures a wide variety of rifle rated body armor plates, as well as concealable bulletproof vests.

What Does Level 3+ Body Armor Stop?

According to the upcoming NIJ .07 RF2 standard, a plate that defeats all RF1 threats. (7.62×51 M80 NATO, 7.62×39, 5.56 M193.) Plus the RF2 threat, which is a 5.56 M855 green tip.

What are Level 3+ Body Armor Plates Made Out Of?

RMA’s level 3+ body armor contains a ceramic strike face and a composite backer.

RMA builds its NIJ .07 tested level 3+ body armor plates with a thin alumina oxide ceramic strike face and a polyethylene composite backer. The ceramic serves to break apart the bullet. Then the composite backer to acts as a catcher’s mitt. It catches the remaining bullet fragments and reduces the energy impact transferred to the body.

The lighter the material, the more expensive it is to manufacture. Please see the “Details” section on each of our product pages to see the materials RMA utilizes.

Our Level 3+ body armor plates come in a single-curve 10×12 size and shape (Model 1090), plus multi-curve 3+ armor size small through extra large (Models 1091-1094).

Why Should I Buy Level 3+ Body Armor?

We say that Level 3+ body armor is the sweet spot of armor. It may not live up to the Level 4 ballistics. However, it stops many of the most common FMJ and penetrator rifle rounds worldwide.

Our Level 3+ body armor plate defeats rifle rounds like M80 NATO, 7.62×39 MSC, M193 AND the M855 green tip. Plus, it’s only 4.5lbs in a standard 10X12 or medium size.

What Happens if I Drop My Armor?

If You happen to drop your armor, train with it, or toss your rig around after you take it off. Your armor from RMA should be just fine.

RMA’s level 3+ body armor plates are built with a protective layer on the strike face to aid in the protection of the ceramic. It won’t crack under normal use. However, we do suggest that you take care of your armor to ensure it performs at its highest level of protection.

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