Can I Own Body Armor?

Absolutely. We sell to all law-abiding U.S. citizens, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, member of the Military, etc. However, there are two exceptions. Because of state laws, Connecticut does not allow online sales of body armor. While it is legal to own armor in Connecticut as a civilian, purchasing it must be a face to face transaction. Residents of New York state are also now restricted from the purchase of body armor unless their profession falls into one of the categories listed here (New York Body Armor Laws).

Do you Ship Internationally?

Due to export regulations, we only ship to domestic customers in the United States.

What armor should I get?

Armor recommendations are all personal preference, in our opinion. But the first question you need to ask yourself, is “What rounds would I like my armor to defeat? After you answer that question, check out the graphic on this page: https://rmadefense.com/the-armor/

After you narrow it down for yourself, you will want to further narrow it down by price and weight. Typically, the lighter the plate, the more expensive it is. However, there are tradeoff’s as lighter plates don’t normally defeat as many rounds as heavier plates do…at least in the composite armor world. For even more info on choosing the right armor for your needs, check out this info on our blog: HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ARMOR

What are the differences in your Level IV plates?

We know it can be confusing, but there are a few basic differences. Across a plate level (such as level IV, level III, etc.), the lighter the plate is, the more expensive the material is. That is the main reason in the cost difference. For example:

1155: 8.3lbs – Cost, $135
1189: 6.9lbs – Cost, $299
1192: 5.7lbs – Cost, $699
1199: 4.7lbs – Cost, $999

There are other factors as well. The 1155 is the easiest and fastest plate to manufacture, so the labor doesn’t cost as much. Consequently, the 1199 takes the longest to build, so the labor cost is higher.

Both the 1189 and the 1199 utilize ceramic made with our patented tile array. Those ceramics are much more expensive than the ceramic in the 1155 plate, which is a single, large ceramic piece.

While the costs are different, they are all Level IV plates, so they’re all able to defeat the 30.06 m2ap round.

How do I size a plate?

You can figure out your size with a tape measure. You want the plate width to be just inside your nipples. As far as the height is concerned, you want to measure from the top of the sternum down to one or two inches above the belly button – when you are sitting down, relaxed.

A majority (75-80%) of people wear a 10×12 or a multi-curve medium.

When will my order ship?

The lead times are listed on each product page. When it is in stock, your order will ship in 1-2 business days. If the armor you ordered isn’t in stock, it’ll ship in the specified lead times listed here: (https://rmadefense.com/current-lead-times/)

If you order other accessories (i.e. mag pouch, plate carrier, tough hook, etc.) with your plates, your lead time may be affected based on the longest lead time of the products within your order.

Do I need trauma pads?

Typically, trauma pads are made for steel, not composite armor because the polyethylene backer on a composite plate acts as a trauma pad. Trauma pads help reduce some of the energy on steel plates because the round bounces off the steel.

On ceramic plates, the ceramic breaks apart the round, then the polyethylene essentially eats the remaining slug and acts as a reducer in energy. Therefore, it’s like a built-in trauma pad

Can I cancel my order?

There is a 10% cancellation fee when canceling an order. This is stated during the checkout process and covers the initial transaction fee, the refund transaction fee, and the administration fee.