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Shellback Tactical is one of the premier tactical plate carrier brands in the United States. Beginning with its flagship Shellback Banshee plate carrier and Banshee Elite 2.0, Shellback Tactical has expanded greatly over the past several years. They now manufacture a total of 12 plate carriers. (Read more below)

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Showing all 6 results

Shellback designs and builds their Banshee line of carriers to carry 10×12 armor plates, like the Banshee, Banshee Elite 2.0 and others. Meanwhile, the Shellback SF plate carrier has plate pockets designed specifically for SAPI size body armor plates ranging from small to extra large. RMA’s 1060, 1090, and also 1192 plates are optimal sizes for the Shellback SF plate carrier.

Shellback Tactical also builds feature-packed plate carriers. The Banshee offers built-in mag pouches and also kangaroo pouches. Additionally, the Shellback SF carrier features built in side plate pouches. Want the ability to don and doff your plate carrier quickly? You want the Shellback Banshee Elite 3.0 plate carrier thanks to its quick release cummerbund buckles.

To complete your Shellback plate carrier loadout, add shoulder pads or side plate pouches to your order.

Shellback also offers some of the most popular carriers on the market. They’re preferred by many in military and law enforcement roles. These duty-grade carriers bring affordable tactical capability to everyone. Marry your RMA plates with a Shellback Tactical plate carrier for capability and also versatility. You’ll enjoy comfort, fit, and flexibility with your new RMA and Shellback combination. Don’t wait for these carriers to sell out. Get yours today!

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