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Special Rifle Threat Body Armor Plates

RMA Armament boasts the top Special Rifle Threat body armor with rifle rated protection. Weighing just 2.5 pounds per plate, the Level 3A+ body armor plate defeats multiple rifle rounds of xm193, 7.62×39 and .308.  The ESRT plate (Enhanced Special Rifle Threat) goes even further and is multi-hit rated to defeat M855A1, 7.62×39 API-BZ and much more. But it does it in an ultra-light and razor thin profile. [+] Read more

RMA builds its lightweight body armor with a unique blend of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene composite materials which allows for rugged ballistic protection, while also maintaining an affordable price point.

This lightweight 3A Plus armor works exceptionally well concealed as backpack armor or as part of a body armor kit alongside any of the plate carriers we supply. Due to its extreme lightweight characteristics, it’s also very popular among SWAT and other tactical units who wear tactical vests for a majority of the day.

What is a Special Threat Plate?

We don’t just build armor for the lab. We build it for the real world. So we also build unique ballistic plates that we call Special Threat Plates. We define special threat plates as offering a protection level different than that of typical NIJ Level III, Level IV, RF1, RF2, or RF3 standards.

We build a typical plate to meet or exceed Level IIIA, Level III, or Level IV standards. Special threat plates exist in a grey zone. Not all operators choose traditional Level III or IV plates. Because your mission dictates your gear, some users have non-traditional needs like low weight or concealability. Special Rifle Threat Body Armor is built to meet these users’ unique needs.

Special Rifle Threat Plate

Thanks to its 100% Dyneema® UHMWPE construction, the SRT is capable of easily defeating many full metal jacket rounds. Common rifle threats like 5.56 M193, 7.62X39 FMJ & Mild Steel Core, 6.5 Creedmoor FMJ, and 308 Winchester FMJ are bested by this lightweight plate.

At only 2.53 lbs, its often an even trade in weight versus a traditional aramid Level IIIA vest.

Enhanced Special Rifle Threat Plate

With an ultra-slim profile of only 0.50″, the ESRT finally makes high-grade rifle protection both concealable and affordable. We build the ESRT with our high-purity Alumina Oxide strike face and an UHMWPE backer. The ESRT is multi-hit capable all the way up to 7.62X39 API-BZ and 5.56 M855A1. There’s no other plate like it with this thinness and price anywhere.

The ESRT is ideal for OCONUS low-visibility operations that also require concealability. Easily hidden under plain clothes, the ESRT defeats common AK and AR rounds worldwide. It’s also the ideal partner for domestic law enforcement looking to up-armor their duty vest. Simply add the ESRT into your outer carrier to significantly upgrade your protection without compromising your gear placement.

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