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Gas masks are increasingly vital In today's world, where unforeseen emergencies and hazardous situations can arise unexpectedly. Wildfire smoke, toxic chemical spills, tear gas, and also other respiratory threats are increasingly prevalent.

Gas masks provide crucial protection against various harmful agents, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals. Avon Protection is the world leader in tactical respiratory protection, renowned for its high-quality C50 mask. The C50 also shares critical technologies with Avon's M50 mask utilized by United States and other military forces worldwide. (Read more below)

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Showing all 2 results

Gas Masks: A Lifesaving Necessity

Your gas mask serves as a reliable defense against a wide range of potential threats, making it an indispensable tool in an increasingly dangerous world. Your mask acts as a shield, safeguarding you from harmful substances and ensuring your respiratory health in challenging situations. So whether it’s a chemical spill, industrial accident, or even acts of terrorism, a gas mask provides crucial protection and also peace of mind.

The Avon Protection C50 Mask: A Trusted Companion

 Avon Protection’s C50 mask stands out as the top-tier CBRN full-spectrum gas mask for first responders and personal safety. Designed with cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality standards, the C50 mask is trusted by professionals in various fields, including law enforcement, military personnel, and also emergency responders.

Unmatched Protection

Firstly, the Avon Protection C50 mask offers comprehensive CBRN protection against a wide array of harmful agents, ensuring the safety and well-being of its users. The C50 is designed to shield against a full spectrum of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents, as well as riot control agents such as CS and toxic industrial materials.

Advanced Features

The Avon Protection C50 CBRN mask excels in providing optimal protection and comfort. The mask’s construction incorporates a highly durable and flexible chlorobutyl rubber & silicone material. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit for extended periods of wear. And, the adjustable straps and quick-release buckles also allow for easy donning and doffing. This makes the C50 suitable for various head sizes and also ensures quick response in critical situations. The fail-safe drinking tube allows the wearer to connect their C50 to various canteen and bladder hydration systems for extended wear situations.

Enhanced Vision and Communication

Clear communication and unobstructed vision are important. So, the Avon C50 CBRN gas mask is equipped with a dual-purpose panoramic visor. This visor offers a wide field of view, allowing users to maintain situational awareness while wearing the mask. Furthermore, various outserts are available for protecting and enhancing vision across a wide range of scenarios. Additionally, the C50 mask is compatible with various communication devices. Use the optional Voice Projection Unit or integrate your existing comms for seamless interaction and coordination among team members in high-pressure scenarios.

Ease of Maintenance

The Avon Protection C50 mask is designed for easy maintenance. The mask’s components are easily disassembled, facilitating thorough cleaning and inspections. This feature ensures the longevity of the mask. And, guarantees that it is always ready for use in times of need.

Gas masks have become an integral part of personal safety equipment in today’s United States. The Avon Protection C50 mask, with its exceptional capabilities and comprehensive protection against harmful agents, stands as a prime example of reliable gas mask technology. From law enforcement personnel and emergency responders to individuals seeking enhanced personal safety, the C50 mask offers peace of mind and also a dependable shield against unforeseen hazards. Invest in your safety today with the Avon Protection C50 mask, your trusted companion in times of uncertainty.

Never Settle For Less

RMA is proud to build upon our trusted reputation by offering the highest quality respiratory protection. We won’t sell used, expired, or re-branded third-world imports with questionable quality. Never settle for anything less than the best. Your life is worth it.

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