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Level III+ Body Armor (RF2) *Single-Curve* Defeats M855A1

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Price Listed is **Per Plate**

Multi-Hit Rated to defeat m855a1, M80 NATO, 7.62×39 MSC, m193, m855 Green Tip!

RMA’s Level 3+ Single Curve Body Armor Weighs 5.4lbs!

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RMA has upgraded its popular Level 3 plus body armor plate to create an all new Generation 2. Generation 2 defeats multiple M855A1 rounds with ease, yet remains lightweight and affordable with a thinner profile than Generation 1. Not only is it multi-hit rated to defeat the M855A1 round. It’s also been tested to the upcoming NIJ .07 RF2 standard. This is without a doubt, the new standard in the Level III+ body armor protection. But what else would you expect from RMA?

RMA’s Level III+ body armor plates have a ceramic body armor strikeface and Dyneema® UHMWPE build. We specifically test these plates to meet the new standards set forth by the National Institute of Justice. And with RMA’s III+ body armor plates, there’s no confusion to what Level III+ (RF2) ceramic body armor should be. After all, the standard for III+ (RF2) plates is the ability to defeat the M855 green tip, M193, 7.62×39 MSC and the M80 NATO Steel round, which this body armor plate does with flying colors. But we’ve taken it further with its ability to defeat the M855A1.

If you’re looking for a lightweight ceramic body armor plate that’s affordable–yet sets the standard in ballistic performance–this plate is for you.

What is RF2?

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) will soon implement a new ballistic rating system for hard and soft armor. When the new standards for armor are officially released, RF1 (Level III), RF2 (Level III+) and RF3 (Level IV) will replace the current ratings of Level III, Level IV, etc. Level III+ was never an official compliance standard.

But the differences in the ratings go far beyond the nomenclature. Under the current Level III standard, a plate must defeat 6 rounds of M80 Steel. Additionally, it must do so with back face deformation of less than 44mm. Many companies rate their armor plates as Level III+ simply because it defeated what they deemed equal to an M80 NATO Steel projectile. Keep in mind that FMJ 308 and FMJ M80 is not equal to steel jacketed M80. Many companies say their plate defeats a single round of M193, 7.62×39 MSC or M855 green tip and boast that their plate was a Level III+ or Level III++. But they don’t test their plates to defeat six (6) M80 NATO Steel projectiles – the minimum level III requirement.

NIJ 07 Draft Standard

However, under the new standard, RF1 plates (previously Level III) must now defeat three (3) M80 NATO Steel rounds, three (3) 7.62 x 39 MSC AND three (3) M193 BT to earn its rating. If a plate cannot defeat those rounds while also boasting a BFD of less than 44mm, they will not even be considered for the RF2 rating (previously Level III+). So you MUST pass RF1 to have a chance to become an RF2 plate. Once the plate passes the RF1 testing, more plates must be submitted for further testing, which will also include defeating three (3) rounds of M855 green tip.

At RMA, our next generation plate that has not only passed RF1 and RF2 testing, but additionally defeats the M855A1 round. Here is the official RF1 and RF2 test report for this plate. In the future, manufacturers will have to prove that they can defeat all of those rounds. And RMA is the first company to do so.

RF1 must defeat: Three (3) M80 NATO Steel (149 grain) 2780 ft/s
Three (3) 7.62x39mm MSC 2380 ft/s
Three (3) 5.56mm M193 (56 grain) 3250 ft/s
RF2 must defeat (All of the Above, PLUS): Three (3) 5.56mm M855 Green Tip (62 grain) 3115 ft/s
RF3 must defeat: One (1) to Three (3) 7.62×63 M2AP 2880 ft/s

Plate Carrier Compatibility

RMA’s lightweight Level 3 plus single curve body armor fits in just about any regular plate carrier due to its 10×12 sizing. We recommend any of the three 0331 Tactical plate carriers as well. The Rift Plate Carrier and Tailwind Plate Carrier are ultra-lightweight and fit well with the profile of the 1090 Level III+ plate series. We also recommend one of Shellback Tactical’s fine line of plate carriers to pair with this lightweight body armor. The Shellback Banshee, Banshee Elite 2.0 or Banshee Elite 3.0 all fit well with this ceramic body armor plate.

Level 3 Plus Armor Single Curve Specs

Level 3 Plus Ballistic Lab Report

Which Armor Is Right For Me?


  • Stand Alone Body Armor
  • Full Edge-to-Edge Protection 10″ x 12″ Ceramic Strikeface
  • Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Armor Shape: Single Curve,
  • Armor Cut: SAPI/ESAPI-Cut
  • Thickness: 1.0″
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Armor Build: Ceramic/Dyneema® UHMWPE
  • 600 Denier Water Resistant Cover
  • NIJ 0101.07 RF2 Tested
  • Free Incident Replacement (If our armor saved your life, please let us know!)
  • Made in Centerville, IA – USA
  • RMA Return Policy
  • RMA Hard Armor Warranty Policy


18 U.S. Code § 931. United States law restricts possession of body armor for felons convicted of a crime of violence (as defined in 18 U.S. Code § 16). Many U.S. states also have penalties for possession or use of body armor by felons. By purchasing body armor from RMA Armament, Inc. or employees of RMA Armament, Inc., you are certifying that you have not been convicted of any crime that would restrict you from being able to purchase or possess body armor under any Federal or State laws.


Additional information

Weight 5.6 lbs

6 reviews for Level III+ Body Armor (RF2) *Single-Curve* Defeats M855A1

  1. TOM (verified owner)

    After a few hours of reading spec sheets from other teams $$ – $$$. And YouTube reviews. I found this to be ( what I hope ) is a good dependable plate when the time arises. I’m on a budget. Wanted the M855A2 protection I hope. Shalom.

  2. Brayden G. (verified owner)

    Very happy with these, they are light weight and fit in my Ferro FCPC V5 perfectly.

  3. jasonduron2a

    got these in medium for my medium T.REX ARMS AC1, they’re thick bois, carrier is brand new, struggled to get them in, but with some patience/determination I succeed, glad I didnt spend the extra coin on Hescos. these are really comfy, cant wait for next training day!

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipped incredibly quick and is very lightweight.

  5. Jeffrey M. (verified owner)

    Just purchased for a tac vest & love these plates. So light weight & comfortable & received my order much earlier than the expected wait time. Would def recommend to anyone

  6. nmiller19k (verified owner)

    As I am writing this review, I am wearing my Condor Plate Carrier with 2 of these ceramic plates and I can describe this with 2 words; lightweight and comfortable. Even standing for an extended period of time, I don’t fatigue as quickly as if I am wearing 2 steel plates.

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