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RMA Level IV Model 1155 Multi-Curve Set



RMA has upgraded its popular Level III+ body armor plate to create an all new Generation 2 version defeats multiple m855a1 rounds with ease, yet remains lightweight and affordable, with a thinner profile than the previous. Not only is it multi-hit rated to defeat the m855a1 round but it’s also been tested to the upcoming NIJ .07 RF2 standard. This is without a doubt, the new standard in the Level III+ body armor protection. But what else would you expect from RMA?

RMA’s Level III+ body armor plates have a ceramic body armor strikeface and UHMWPE build that’s specifically tested to meet the new standards set forth by the National Institute of Justice. And with RMA’s III+ body armor plates, there’s no confusion to what Level III+ (RF2) ceramic body armor should be. After all, the standard for III+ (RF2) plates is the ability to defeat the m855 green tip, xm193, 7.62×39 MSC and the M80 NATO round, which this body armor plate does with flying colors. But we’ve taken it further with its ability to defeat the m855a1.

If you’re looking for a lightweight ceramic body armor plate that is affordable in price, yet sets the standards in ballistic performance, this plate is for you.


  • Full Edge-to-Edge Protection 10″ x 12″ Ceramic Strikeface
  • Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Armor Shape: Single Curve,
  • Armor Cut: SAPI/ESAPI-Cut
  • Thickness: 1.0″
  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Armor Build: Ceramic/Polyethylene composite
  • 600 Denier Water Resistant Cover
  • NIJ 0101.07 RF2 Tested
  • Made in Centerville, IA – USA
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  • RMA Hard Armor Warranty Policy

Past Winners

November 8, 2022 | Shaun M. from Topeka, KS | Won two Level III+ Body Armor Plates with Shellback SF Plate Carrier