Due to extreme demand for hard armor plates, there is a 3-4 week lead time on Level IV model 1155 Single Curve Armor Plates.

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What good are body armor plates if you can’t actually wear them? Fortunately, RMA Armament has a wide variety of tactical plate carriers to suit your needs, whether it’s a tactical vest to be worn over the top of duty gear, or a covert plate carrier vest for concealment. [+] Read more

Tactical vests and plate carriers hold a variety of ceramic and composite armor, lightweight polyethylene armor (UHWPE) or steel armor plates. Simply put, you can’t properly utilize body armor without the tactical plate carrier. RMA has the best plate carriers on the market available to you.

Tactical Plate Carrier

Tactical plate carriers are most one of the most popular styles of plate carriers on the market because they can serve a variety of operations. Most tactical plate carriers fit 10×12 single curve plates and may be sized from medium to XXL based on adjustments made to the cummerbund and shoulder straps.

Tactical plate carriers are made from high quality cordura fabrics that are rugged and durable. Typically, these plate carriers have MOLLE or Laser-cut webbing attached to the front, back and cummerbund, which allows the user to attach a personal configuration of mag pouches, IFAKs, comms, etc.

Concealable Plate Carrier

Hard body armor plates aren’t typically meant for concealment due to the thickness and weight to defeat rifle rounds. However Level IIIa body armor and Level IIIa+ SRT body armor manufactured by RMA are perfect for concealment due to their lightweight and extremely thin profile.

However, RMA manufactures a concealable plate carrier that is lightweight, rugged and covert. Due to its ability to be worn under plain clothes, concealable plate carriers don’t have MOLLE or other types of webbing to facilitate mag pouches of any kind.

USA Made Tactical Plate Carriers

Plate carriers come in many different size and color options depending on any given task and purpose. However, RMA doesn’t compromise on quality when it comes to the plate carriers that we sell. From Crye Precision plate carriers, to Shellback Tactical plate carriers and our own covert plate carrier vest, we ensure that you can have the right kind of tactical carrier for your individual needs.

Imported Tactical Plate Carriers

Just because a plate carrier is imported from overseas doesn’t mean it can’t be a high quality carrier. After all, RMA is known for high quality gear. Condor Plate Carriers are both high quality and affordable – perfect for those on a budget.

When you attach removable MOLLE mag pouches, like the Condor MA44 Triple Stack mag pouch or a North American Rescue IFAK, these plate carrier vests become the base of operations for all of your tactical gear, such as spare magazines, communications gear, handcuffs, flashlights and similar items.

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