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What is a plate backer?

Plate backers are inserts designed to be used in conjunction with your plates. Typically, they are inserted into your plate bag behind your plate. They provide additional benefits depending on their construction. There are two different kinds--Trauma Pads and Soft Armor Inserts. (Read more below)

Showing all 2 results

Showing all 2 results

Trauma Pads

Trauma Pads are designed exclusively as plate backers to provide additional physical resistance to back face deformation. BFD is the rearward “push” caused by a projectile impact on your armor. Even when your armor stops a round, it’s possible that the impact zone can deform rearward enough to cause damage to bones, organs, and tissue. Trauma pads provide an additional layer of deformation resistance between your armor plate and your body. RMA’s Trauma Pads are made of high density closed-cell foam designed to help minimize BFD.

Soft Armor Inserts

Soft Armor Inserts also provide backface deformation resistance when used as plate backers. However unlike Trauma Pads, they also offer additional ballistic protection capabilities. Our 0214 inserts also provide standalone Level IIIA protection. This makes them suitable for Level IIIA handgun ballistic protection without an additional plate. Our 0214 Soft Armor Inserts can be used as plate backers or as standalone Level IIIA protection.

Which plate backer is right for me?

Depending on your application, you might choose one or the other. If you’re using an “ICW” (in conjunction with) plate, you’ll almost certainly choose our 0214 Soft Armor Inserts. These inserts unlock your plate’s full protective capabilities. Plates that only reach their full protection level in conjunction with Level IIIA soft armor are always indicated as such using the term “ICW.” Using Trauma Pads as plate backers with an “ICW” plate won’t offer the required ballistic protection you need to reach your plate’s full potential.

If you’re using a product such as 1155 or 1165 Level 4 plates, you don’t need soft armor backers to enjoy full Level IV protection. However, the addition of trauma pads will help reduce any back face deformation in the event of a ballistic impact.

Both options decrease the felt impact of an incoming round. However, trauma pads provide no ballistic protection. Soft armor inserts also provide additional ballistic protection.

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