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Contact Series Operator’s Belt by G-Code


Contact Series Operator’s Belt comes with Velcro Loop Lined Inner Belt

1.75″ Belt Width

Belt does NOT include a D-Ring as shown in some pictures.

G-Code Belt Colors: Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam

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Contact Series Operator's Tactical Belt Black
Price: $155.94


Contact Series Operator’s Belt by G-Code

This G Code Belt is a dual belt system that incorporates a lightweight inner belt with outward facing loop pile. This inner belt is intended to be worn by weaving through the trouser belt-loops and secures with a low profile buckle. The inner belt can easily serve as a full function tactical belt all on its own. However, as part of the system the inner belt forms a comfortable and stable foundation for the load bearing 1 3/4 inch over-belt. The over- belt is lined with a mating hook material and secures, outside the trouser loops to the inner belt. Together they form a solid, comfortable, low profile, load bearing system. Additionally, this system combines with G-Codes new Static-Grip mounting accessories that lock the placement of your carry items to the belt. This Tactical Belt does NOT have a D-Ring as displayed in some images. The belt you are purchasing is the bottom belt on the first image.

Belts are 100% made in America, so the quality of your products will never be compromised.

Mag Pouch Compatibility

G-Code has a gear specific patent pending clip system for attaching pistol and rifle mag pouches. The G-Code pistol mag and rifle mag pouches with R2 clips are built specifically for this tactical belt.

Tactical Belt Sizing

When buying a belt, it is important to select the correct size based upon an accurate measurement. Your belt size is not the same as your pant or waist size; because your belt goes around you and your pants, tucked in shirt, and your underwear. Your belt size is usually 1 or 2 inches larger than your pant or waist size. G-CODE belts are primarily designed as an outer load bearing belt to carry your holster, magazine carriers, blow-out kit and any other essential items needed. G-CODE belts can also be worn in your belt loops just to hold your pants up. That in mind to get a proper measurement for your belt size using a tape measure, measure around what you will be wearing to determine what size belt you will need in inches. G-CODE Belts are measured by the actual usable length of the belt inside circumference, with a 4 inch adjustment parameter. Example a Large belt inside minimum circumference is 36 inches and can be adjusted out to 40 inches. If your measurement is between 36 and 40 inches you will need a Large.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Operator's Belt Size

Small 28-32", Medium 32-36", Large 36-40", XL 40-44", XXL 44-48"

Operator's Belt Color

Black, Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Multicam


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