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What is Level 5 Body Armor?

Level 5 Armor does not actually exist. The highest rating of body armor on the market to day is Level 4 body armor, which is capable of defeating at least a single round of 7.62 x 63 armor piercing ammunition. However, if Level 5 body armor plates were on the market today, we think they’d look a little something like this.

Body Armor Levels

There are currently two body armor levels of rifle rated plates on the market today that can garner compliance from the National Institute of JusticeLevel III armor and Level IV armor. However, as new ammunition rounds are seemingly introduced to the market on a daily basis, it’s forced armor manufacturers to fill in the gaps of the body armor levels, which is were Level IIIa body armor, Level 3a+ body armor and Level 3+ body armor comes from as well.

Below are the body armor levels RMA Armament manufactures and the rounds which they defeat.

Will there eventually be Level 5 Armor?

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that there are currently no levels of body armor above level IV plates. So if you’re looking for armor that’s officially rated to defeat popular rounds like .338 lapua or 50 cal BMG, it simply doesn’t exist just yet – at least according to the National Institute of Justice.

If it happens in the future, however, you can be assured that RMA will be the leader in manufacturing the body armor product – Level 5 body armor and beyond.

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