Current Lead Times


(updated:  5-25-23)

*Please be sure to check product page for most accurate lead time

Level IV Plates

Level 4 armor in armory
Model #1155:
In Stock
Model #1155sp: In Stock
Model #1192: In Stock

Level III+ Plates

Level III+ Superiority
Model #1090:
In Stock
Models #1091-1094: Only 1094 In Stock

Level IIIa+ Plates

Lightweight SRT Armor Mobile
Model #1003 SRT:
In Stock

Level IIIa Plates

RMA 1155 Level 4 Body Armor Plate Inserted into RMA Contego IIIA Soft Body Armor Vest
Model #0226:
In Stock
Model #1078: In Stock
Model #1088: In Stock
Models #1061-1064: Stock Varies

***Please Note***When a customer orders more than one product, the longest lead time of the products purchased is the expected lead time for the entire order. Please check individual pages for updated lead times on plate carriers and pouches. 

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